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Q&A: Proteas tour to NZ

Posted on February 10, 2012 by Ken

Quintin asked:
Richard Levi or Grame Smit for the ODI’s looking to the future?
Ken answered:
Well I think Graeme Smith has bought himself quite a lot of time with his century in the last ODI. He’s only 31 so he could still be a force at the next World Cup.
I would, however, like to see how Levi goes at international level – preferably in T20 first.
yazeed asked:
Dammit , Boucher the hopeless is still in the team. When are they going to drop thim?
Ken answered:
Boucher has just scored a crucial century in a top-of-the-log SuperSport Series game so I don’t think he’s hopeless.
As the world record breaking wicketkeeper, he deserves some respect and we’ll need an experienced wicketkeeper for the England tour.
Boucher has indicated that he will retire after that.
Ivan asked:
Hi Ken,I know you are most likely sick taliking about this by now, but don”t you think it would have bein wise to take a second wk on tour with us for the tests? I”m thinking, if it so happens that we go 2 nul up, then we could have tried to give someone like a Heino Kuhn shot. And then I want to know with guys like Sangakara (nearly 10 000 runs at over 50 ave) ,Andy Flower(nearly 5000 runs at over 50 ave) and so on ( Dhoni, Gilchrist) all proved that you kan be a major batsman in your team whilst being a wk, why do we have this mindset that AB can”t be our keeper batsman. He is already batting at 5, so he sould have more than enough time to rest out before batting?
Ken answered:
Hi Ivan
It certainly has been The Issue of the last few months!
I agree with you about the second wicketkeeper being taken on tour, it was an ideal opportunity. But all our eggs are now in the Boucher basket for the England tour, and we just have to hope the great man will perform!
The difference with AB keeping wicket is that he is reluctant to do it in Tests, he has a history of back problems, and, in the long-term, he will have the added responsibility of replacing Kallis at number four as our batting lynchpin and captaining the side.
Yas asked:
Do you think Prince international career is officially over?Isnt unfair to a player who has a decent average (mid 40s) who constantly have to fight for his position because he doesnt look pretty on the pitch?
Ken answered:
I think Prince’s international days are over, unless he dominates to an extraordinary degree in domestic cricket. Sure, his average is good, but his average has dropped to 22 in the last year and he has scored just three half-centuries in his last 23 innings.
His doggedness at the crease was highly valued, but his attitude recently has also not won him many friends. The breaking point came when he turned his back on Hashim Amla and caused him to be run out in Durban.

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