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Shock as nobody speaks up against GCB executive

Posted on January 10, 2013 by Ken

Opponents of the current Gauteng Cricket Board executive committee were left aghast at the AGM on Monday night when nobody from their ranks spoke up against the interim body continuing to run the game in the province.

No election of office-bearers was held as, after hearing the reports of the CEO, Cassim Docrat, and the chief financial officer, Arno Fourie, the club representatives at the AGM failed to bring up any matters for general discussion.

Those clubs looking to overturn the running of cricket by the interim, three-chambered board set up by the Langa Commission had been expected to call for an election at that time.

“We were shocked. We had all these meetings before the AGM to strategize, but when the time came, nobody said anything and nothing happened,” one club representative told Business Day.

The current board, made up of representatives from the black, Indian/coloured and white chambers, will now continue to run Gauteng cricket at least until the end of January. The three chambers will now consult their affiliated clubs and, if they want to change their nominees to the board, that can be done at the next board meeting at the end of next month.

Fourie presented a gloomy financial report that detailed a R7.392 million deficit for Gauteng cricket over the last financial year, while Lions cricket, the professional franchise, made a loss of R1.94 million.

But Fourie said they expected a profit in the next financial year due to Bidvest paying R5.8 million for the naming rights to the Wanderers, more international matches in 2012/13, a once-off Cricket South Africa grant of R3 million and the Highveld Lions’ lucrative participation in the Champions League T20 competition.

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