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Ken Borland

SA have a sporting chance

Posted on February 20, 2012 by Ken

South Africa had a sporting chance as they restricted New Zealand to 173 for four in the second T20 international at Seddon Park in Hamilton on Sunday.

20th over – Marchant de Lange follows up Wayne Parnell’s excellent penultimate over with a fine one of his own. The only blemish though is the fifth ball, which is too short and Kane Williamson slogs it over midwicket for six.

18th over – Williamson now gets in on the act as he smears the first ball of Morne Morkel’s over for six over square-leg and then steps outside off stump and paddles the fast bowler past fine-leg for four. WICKET – But Morkel strikes back with a delivery in the blockhole outside off stump, which the left-handed Franklin tries to steer to third man, but he edges it behind to AB de Villiers. Franklin’s 28 off 10 balls was a terrific boost for New Zealand though.

17th over – Four sixes off five balls by Franklin as he launches JP Duminy straight back over his head for six and then heaves a massive blow over midwicket and out the ground!

16th over – Franklin drives De Lange off the back foot, straight back over his head for six. The next ball is short and Franklin steps away and cuts it over backward point for another six!

15th over – Johan Botha is bowling around the wicket and Brendon McCullum comes down the pitch and punches the off-spinner with great power through a diving Duminy at long-on for four. WICKET – But Botha strikes back next ball. McCullum is down the pitch again, but Botha drags the ball back and the batsman slaps it to cow corner, where Justin Ontong takes a good catch running in. McCullum was looking dangerous on 35 off 31 balls.

14th over – Morne Morkel deceives McCullum with two slower balls, but the New Zealand captain responds with a phenomenal shot, walking down the pitch and flicking the fast bowler over long-on for six!

12th over – De Lange returns and just misses the yorker with his first ball, McCullum clipping the low full toss through midwicket for four. De Lange’s second ball is wide down leg, as is his fifth ball. WICKET – But his next ball forces the duck-hook from Guptill, skying a top-edge to Albie Morkel at fine-leg. Guptill falls just short of an eighth successive half-century, out for another impressive 47 off 35 balls, with seven fours and a six.

11th over – A good over by Duminy is ruined by a full toss off the last ball, which Guptill drives wide of long-on, Botha doesn’t pick it up and it goes for four.

10th over – Good shot by Guptill as he short-arm jabs Morne Morkel over midwicket for four.

9th over – A tidy over from Botha forces the big shot by Guptill. The off-spinner fires in a quicker ball, but it disappears even quicker over wide long-on as Guptill uses his powerful golf swing to good effect, collecting his first six.

8th over – Wayne Parnell is introduced but his first ball is on the pads and clipped neatly away for four by Guptill. Parnell’s last two balls of the over are also down leg and flicked away for boundaries by McCullum.

6th over – Guptill slashes Lonwabo Tsotsobe over extra cover for four.

5th over – De Lange bowls his first over in T20 internationals and his extra pace has a hand in the first wicket. WICKET – Rob Nicol advances down the pitch and tries to pull, but is beaten by the pace and the ball comes off his body and rolls just behind the stumps. Guptill calls Nicol through for an ill-judged quick single because the batsman is worried about the ball rolling back on to his stumps. Wicketkeeper De Villiers is up in a flash and scores a brilliant direct hit at the bowler’s end! Nicol is run out for 23 off 17 balls. De Lange’s next ball is also shortish on leg-stump and Guptill glances it away for four.

4th over – Successive boundaries now for Guptill as he stands tall and bashes Tsotsobe with immense power through mid-off for four and then whips the left-arm seamer off the bottom edge of the bat, through backward square-leg for four more.

3rd over – There seems to be pace and bounce in this pitch and Morkel is brought on. But Nicol is immediately on the charge and slogs his first ball over cow corner for six! Two balls later, Morkel slides on to the pads and is flicked away for four past short fine leg.

2nd over – Rob Nicol hops down the pitch to a full and wide delivery outside off stump from Tsotsobe and slams it just over mid-off for four.

1st over – Off-spinner Botha opens the bowling and Nicol is down the pitch to his fourth ball, lofting it wide of mid-on for four.

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