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Ken Borland

Fresh storm clouds around Gauteng cricket

Posted on January 08, 2013 by Ken

FRESH storm clouds are set to gather around Gauteng cricket on Monday night when the Gauteng Cricket Board (GCB) holds its deferred annual general meeting at the Wanderers.

The GCB is being run by an interim board of directors set up by the Langa commission after Cricket South Africa (CSA) took over administration of the union two years ago, after the board sitting at the time became the first to question disgraced CEO Gerald Majola.

That interim board was meant to settle on a new constitution for Gauteng cricket but has failed to reach agreement with the clubs. With its two-year term now over, the future of the current board is uncertain.

It is expected that the board will ask for an extension of its term at the meeting on Monday night, but there is a strong groundswell among the clubs that the current administration should be called to book and replaced.

“The clubs want to vote and they want a new board. The current board are probably going to ask to continue for another six months in order to introduce the new constitution, but if they haven’t been able to do it in two years, why do they think they’ll be able to do it in six months? Besides, the new constitution should not be a private document that only the current board are privy to. We want to elect new representatives to work on the constitution,” a club chairman told Business Day at the weekend.

The legitimacy of the current board has also been called into question following the revelations in the Nicholson Commission of Inquiry that led to Majola being dismissed by CSA and the former GCB board being proven right.

There is a strong desire for self-determination among many Gauteng clubs, who feel they have had no say in the running of cricket in their province for the last two years.

The decision of the board to dismiss Alexandra Cricket Club chairman Dan Phetla, a vocal proponent of control to be returned to the clubs, as a director on Friday night makes it clear the incumbents from the Majola era will not go without a fight.

Thabang Moroe, a fellow director and the chairman of the Black African Cricket Clubs (BACC) grouping, threatened to get the Gauteng Sports Council (GSC) involved in the cricket administration if Phetla was not removed.

The GSC are expected to be present at Monday night’s AGM, with certain clubs accusing the BACC of using them to intimidate those looking to return control of Gauteng cricket to the clubs.

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